Technology Overview

Intellectual Property & Trade Marking

  • Lodged 4 patents with the US Patents Office:

Appl ID: 051209; Filed Jan 2002, Granted Apr 2004, “Self-monitoring method and apparatus for condition monitoring of a structure”

Appl ID: 848648, Filed May 2001, Granted Apr 2004, “System and method for the detection and propagation measurement of flaws in a component or structure”

Appl ID: 867273, Filed May 2001, Granted July 2003, “Apparatus and method for measurement of permeability or strain in permeable materials”

Appl ID: 883844, Filed June 2001, Granted Apr 2003, “Apparatus for condition monitoring of the integrity of fasteners and fastened joints”


  • Secured trademark protection for company name, logo and CVM acronym in Australia, US, and European Patent Community in May 2001