CVM™ Applications & Solutions

Aircraft Programs
Since CVM™ sensors were first installed on a US Navy H-53 helicopter in February 2002, there have been a number of military and civilian aircraft , both fixed wing and rotary, fitted with CVM sensors in order to test the installation procedures, durability, robustness and effectiveness of the sensors. The sensors have been fitted to a wide variety of areas within the aircraft, testing resistance to wide temperature ranges, vibrations and environmental contaminants.

Aircraft programs include:

2002: US Navy H-53 Helicopter – 1 sensor

2003: RAAF AP3C – 3 aircraft x 3 sensors
RSAF A4SU – 1 sensor
RSAF S211 – 40 sensors

2004: North West DC9 – 2 aircraft x 6 sensors

2005: Australian Army Blackhawk helicopters – 3 aircraft x 2 sensors
Delta Airlines 757 – 8 sensors
Delta Airlines 767 – 6 sensors

2014: Delta Airlines 737 NG – 7 aircraft x 10 sensors

2013 – 2016:  Embraer/Azul Airlines E190 – 5 Aircraft x 14 sensors


This approach has allowed a large body of knowledge with regard to the sensor system to be developed over a number of years. Sensors have remained in place and working for a number of years being subject to periodic checks and monitoring. The most recent and notable was the successful completion of the Delta/Sandia/Boeing program that has led to CVM approval by the FAA.