Technology Overview

Products and Solutions Overview

CVM™  offers a novel method for in-situ, real-time monitoring of crack initiation and/or propagation. CVM™ is a measure of the differential pressure between fine galleries containing a low vacuum alternating with galleries at atmosphere in a simple manifold. If no flaw is present, the vacuum will remain at a stable level. If a flaw develops, air will flow through the passage created from the atmosphere to the vacuum galleries. Sensors may either take the form of self-adhesive polymer sensors or may form part of the component. A transducer measures the fluid flow between the galleries.


CVM™ Competitive Advantages
The fundamental simplicity of the CVM™ technology provides a unique set of competitive advantages and great flexibility in the design and application of structural monitoring systems. CVM™ systems:

  • are simple to install, lightweight and inert with long term durability;
  • can be implemented in a range of sensor types and configurations to address structural fatigue and structural integrity health monitoring requirements;
  • installed in hard to access areas can be periodically inspected via a remote access point in a matter of minutes, enabling a major reduction in maintenance inspection costs and improvements in aircraft operational availability;
  • sensors are made from materials that do not generate electromagnetic or acoustic emissions;
  • can detect and monitor cracks by direct measurement of pressure changes avoiding the complicated   processing of complex sensor outputs currently used in existing inspection techniques;
  • enable real time monitoring of cracking on surfaces and within joint assemblies in both metallic and composite airframe structures, and can be used to predict the rate of onset of structural failure;

Critical Success Factors
A generic set of critical success factors for structural integrity monitoring systems are:

1. System Configuration:

  • Easily installed
  • Easily maintained
  • Low Weight

2. Monitoring Requirements:

  • Periodic / Continuous
  • Can be operated with and without loads

3. Assessment Interpretability:

  • Understandable by structural test personnel
  • Minimal off-line processing
  • Indicates location of damage

4. Reliability:

  • All damage over threshold detected
  • No false positive calls
  • Not effected by aircraft environment

CVM™ systems technology can satisfy all of these factors.